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Social Benefits

Our study will provide vital data for the vision and eye health and hearing research community.

It will allow for more effective implementation of the most appropriate health services and delivery models and provide a critical data baseline to support future impact assessment of novel eye care interventions and service delivery models.

In addition, we hope the study will directly result in the following outcomes:

  • It will allow for a better understanding of regional and socio-economic variances – to ensure that those groups in society who are hardest to reach are understood.

  • Better targeting of services and increased awareness of eye and hearing health will improve health and well being outcomes for the wider UK population.

  • Barriers to accessibility, lack of awareness of the health benefits of regular sight tests and delays to treatment caused by the health system means that needs are not being met and people are losing their sight avoidably. Having a robust set of prevalence data in place will help target services appropriately and the study can be used to raise awareness of eye health.

  • Patients, wider UK residents, government and other professional organisations in the eye health sector will over the longer term, benefit from up to date information on prevalence which in turn should support investment in research where it is most needed.

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