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A female doctor leaning over a desk examining a patient's eye

The first objective of the study is for improved outcomes and experience for patients.

As a direct result of the study, we hope to:


  • Establish a common understanding of the number of people in the UK with a sensory loss.

  • Determine the prevalence and causes of vision impairment conditions across the UK by region and ethnic group, through gathering robust data for a sub-set of the population.

  • Contribute to improvement in the eye health and well-being of the UK population, promoting prevention to reduce risk and instances of avoidable sight loss and enabling people to stay healthy and independent for longer.

  • Increase national public awareness and action on eye health conditions, such that the public is better informed to recognise the symptoms and knows where to access treatment, as evidenced by consumer awareness data and an increase in the number of people receiving a sight test.

  • Provide the data necessary to baseline other programme interventions aimed at improving the nation’s eye health.

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